Locations and Prepositions in German – The Quiz

Written By: Emanuel Updated: January 18, 2024

Hello everyone,

And welcome back to “Practicanuary”. The whole of January (and maybe also a little of February), we’ll do a series of quizzes for various topics.
The very first one was about how to use the word lieber to express preference
(find it here).
Then we had a fun one about some nice German expressions
(you can find it here).
And today, things are getting real, because today, we’ll take a first jab at a topic that has low key frustrated every German learner at some point.

Locations and their prepositions in German 

Talking about location is one of those topics that I have yet to cover, and I actually hope to get to it this year.
But today, we’ll start with a nice juicy quiz about it. And not just a quiz.
It’s a quiz with benefits.

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