Locations and Prepositions in German – The Quiz

Written By: Emanuel Updated: January 18, 2024

Hello everyone,

And welcome back to “Practicanuary”. The whole of January (and maybe also a little of February), we’ll do a series of quizzes for various topics.
The very first one was about how to use the word lieber to express preference
(find it here).
Then we had a fun one about some nice German expressions
(you can find it here).
And today, things are getting real, because today, we’ll take a first jab at a topic that has low key frustrated every German learner at some point.

Locations and their prepositions in German 

Talking about location is one of those topics that I have yet to cover, and I actually hope to get to it this year.
But today, we’ll start with a nice juicy quiz about it. And not just a quiz.
It’s a quiz with benefits.

A quizplanation, if you will.
Because along with the answers I’ll also give you some short pieces of information about rules or usage patterns.

Each question is a German sentence about location and you’ll have to pick the right preposition to use. It’s 18 questions in total and I’m going through different contexts, including virtual locations like an email or the internet.

This quiz pretty much covers the basics, and we’ll do a second one later this month where we’ll go over all the exceptions or special cases like being at a party or at the cashier and other stuff like that.

But yeah, we have to have the basics down before we “clutter the brain”, so to speak :).
Unless you’re absolutely crushing this exercise, I would recommend doing it at least twice. Better yet, three times, with a couple of days in between. It’s for learning, after all. Not for acing it.
Anyway, without further ado… viel Spaß :)


As always, let me know in the comments how you did and if you have any questions about any of these or some other type of location.
I really hope you enjoyed this and learned a little. Have a great day and I’ll see you soon with the next one.
Bis dann!

further reading: 

Btw… here’s a hidden gem most of you probably have not seen yet. It needs a do over, but it has a LOT of information on it :)


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