7 German Expressions (That people actually use)

Written By: Emanuel Updated: January 9, 2024

Hello everyone,

and welcome to the first real new post in 2024, the certified best year to learn German.



I think many of you just got back from vacation in the last few days, so you might not have read last week’s article yet, but in it, I asked you all if you’d like to do a kind of January exercise special to really start the year off active.

And there was communism level of agreement, with 89% of you saying “Yes”.
So throughout January, we’ll do a bunch of exercises of various kinds.
And today, we’ll start with a nice quiz about

German Expressions 

I’ll give you some German expressions along with an example and you have to try and figure out the meaning.
Along with the solution, I’ll give you some information about each expression, like where it comes from or how to translate it.

And I’ve only picked expressions that people actually use in daily life…. well, except one, which I just find funny. But yeah, almost all of them are absolutely worth adding to your active vocabulary because they’ll make you sound really authentic.

Now, originally I thought about doing 12 or 14 expressions, but then I figured that’d be a bit too much for one session, so I’ve decided to “only” do 7, so there’s at least a chance to keep all of them in memory, and also the discussion in the comments doesn’t get too messy. I’ll do more quizzes like this in January, so not to worry.

And also, I think I’ll set up a sort of “master quiz” that contains ALL expressions that have ever been part of a quiz, but that’s for later.

Anyway, so without further ado… viel Spaß with the quiz :)
They start very easy, but some of them might throw you off.

And, how did you do?
Let me know in the comments if you’ve heard any of these yet or even better… try to use them and let me know how it went.
And of course, if you have any questions or suggestions, just leave me a comment.
I hope you enjoyed this, have a great day and I’ll see you soon with the next task.

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