Word of the Day – “hin”

Hello everyone,

and welcome to our German Word of the Day. And this time, we’ll take a look at the meaning of one of your least favorite words…



Hin is really confusing for a lot of learners and even advanced speakers often make mistakes with it. Or better, without it. Like here…

  • Ich bin da gegangen.

This is wrong, it should be:

Forgetting hin is a really really common, I’m sure many of you have made it. And even though you’ll still be understood, a missing hin sounds quite bad and really really ruins your language swag. Kind of like this:

  • I drinks a beer.

It’s just a letter, it’s understandable, but it sounds like I am an A2 student.
Today, we’ll take a thorough look at hin and see what it does and why it sounds so bad if you forget it. And we’ll talk about its weird nature and how it can’t quite decide whether it wants to be a prefix or not.
So, are you ready to jump in?
Let’s go…

Stranger Things – “absetzen”

Hello everyone,

and welcome back to a new episode of the hype series

Stranger Things

And the title of today’s episode is



Now you’re like “Wait, we got tricked. This isn’t Stranger Things!!! This is bloody Prefix Verbs Explained.”
Yeah, that’s right. The dreadful series is back! And unlike Stranger Things which will start to suck and at some point come to an end, prefix verbs explained sucked from the beginning and will never be taken off the air.
And speaking of taking off the air… with that we’re already right at the meanings of absetzen. So we might just as well continue ….

Practice German Cases – Feminine

Hello everyone,

and welcome to the last day of our epic German Summer Bootcamp. That’s right. We almost made it. For now, I mean. We’ll do more exercises in the future, don’t you worry about that.
But for now it’s enough and today, for our grand finale, we’ll once again practice someone’s favorite topic:

German Cases

And we’ll take the same approach as in the first case practice in this summer camp.
So we’ll deal with a lot of aspects of cases at once – pronouns, definite articles, indefinite articles, cases and verbs, cases and prepositions, possessive pronouns. That’s a lot and quite unusual for a case exercise, but there’s one thing that we’re not gonna deal with …


Because today, all the nouns in question will be feminine.
The underlying idea for this type of exercise is that you get to see how entities “move” through everyday statements. Like… a die changes to a sie and then to ihr because of the cases. That way, without the gender interferring all the time, you can build an intuiton for cases and what “sounds” right. You know… that feeling that native speakers have that makes them so special :)
As I said, we’ve done this once with masculine nouns already, and the feedback of all of you was pretty positive, so I think it really does help.
Anyway, if you want to check out the first exercise of this type and a little more theory, then you can find it here:

Practice German Cases – Masculine

Otherwise, I’d say let’s jump right in.

Time Prepositions – An Exercise

Hello everyone,

and welcome to week five of our German Summer Bootcamp and I know what you’re thinking.
“How long is this freaking bootcamp? I want to read about a word again.”
Well, I have good news for you. Today, is actually the penultimate workout session. So you almost made it.
Next time, to wrap things up, we’ll do an exercise for cases again.
And today, we’ll return to time land once again and do a little exercise for

Time Prepositions

So we’ll pratice saying stuff like two days ago, or in three weeks, or since yesterday or on Sunday.
This exercise is actually quite easy in comparison to the word order stuff we did last time. A2 students should be able to do okay.
But also if you’re an advanced learner, I recommenend you give it a shot. I mean… just because you think you know this stuff, doesn’t mean that you do ;).
And there are a few little things hidden that might be new to you. And you can of course do the translations for extra training.
So, is everybody ready?
Great, then let’s jump right in…