Word of the Day – “die Arbeit”

Hello everyone,

and welcome to our German word of the Day.
And today, we’ll take a look at one of the most defining words for German culture and society:

der Humor


Nah, kidding. That’s the least defining word, of course.
The word we will talk about today is the perfect word for January, when all your resolutions of working hard and blah blah are still on. Because today, we’ll take a look at

die Arbeit


And I’m pretty sure most of you know what it means, but what you probably don’t know is the crazy family relations it has.
So are you ready for some insights and some vocabulary?
Then let’s get to work.

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The 2022 German Oracle (You won’t believe this…)

Hello everyone,

and welcome to 2022, the best year for learning German, because it is NOW :)!

Whether you’re advanced and you’re just refining your skills, or you’re a beginner making your first steps, or you’re hustling hard to pass an exam for university, or you’re relearning that old rusty German of yours. Or if you’re just learning it because you like the language… I wish you lots of fun with it and may you make lots of progress.

And I also wish you an even more terrific year outside of the German learning portion. And because it never hurts to have some guidance, we’ll just ask the universe to give us some hints in the epic, absolutely magical and 87% accurate German oracle :)

We’ve done this in the past few years also, and the oracle … erm… well, it totally failed to predict the whole ‘rona stuff.
So the probability that it gets things right this year is INCREDIBLY high. I mean, you can’t fail multiple times in a row, right oracle?

Here’s how it works:

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German Advent Calendar 24 – Merry Christmas

Yourdailygerman Igotnothing Calendar



Hallo ihr lieben,

24. Dezember, Adventskalender-Finale. Und wie es Tradition ist, gibt es heute … nix :)
Oh well… actually I spent quite a bit of time fixing a big with the “hint” of yesterday’s exercise.

That was the weirdest code mistake I have ever seen and I spent a couple of hours going through Javascript,
only to finally realize that it’s just a weirdly placed bold-marking.

Anyway, this was the Advent Calendar for this year :)!

I’ll put up a proper archive of it in the coming days (under the Advent Calendar Archive). There, you can also dig through old calendars if you don’t have enough yet.

Advent Calendar Archive (I’ll add this year soon)

Thanks a lot for being part of the Advent season and for all your comments and thoughts. We even had some controversy here this year :D.

Have a wonderful wonderful Christmas time, eat well, treat yourself well, be nice to others, stay healthy and in a good mood.
And learn some German… but only if you’re bored.

Liebe Grüße und wir sehen uns nach den Feiertagen.


German Advent Calendar 23 – A conditional quicky

Yourdailyfailure Advent Calendar

A conditional quickie

– π +

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