Word of the Day – “verhalten”

In this episode:

"sich verhalten" means "to behave". But why? And how do we use it correctly? And what does that have to do with "das Verhältnis"? Today, we'll find out :)


sich verhalten, das Verhältnis, die Beziehung, verhältnismäßig,...

Hello everyone,

Quick special announcement first:

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She just texted me a couple days ago, and the sale only runs till Sunday, so this is kind of short notice, but if you were thinking about getting this course anyway, it’s a good opportunity to save some serious money. Here’s the link, you can find all the details about the course there.

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Cool, and now welcome to our German Word of the Day, this time with a look at the meaning of


And verhalten is actually a really useful word, because not only is it one of the German word for behaving, it’s also the base for das Verhältnis, which is all about relations and relationships.

Today, we’ll explore how these meanings came to be and we’ll learn how to use the words, especially sich verhalten with the weird self reference thing, because it’s kind of a must have.
“Hey and can we talk about the difference between Beziehung and Verhältnis as well?”
Oh, absolutely!  We will also talk about the difference between Verhältnis and Beziehung.
“OMG, that’s amazing! I literally can’t wait.”
Haha, glad you’re so excited.
“No, seriously. I have Macrophobia.”
Oh… I… well, no problem, though, because we’ll jump right in now!

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Analyze a German Sentence: Your New AI Tool

a cartoon for the sentence analyzer

Hello everyone,

and welcome to feature fall!!


What’s feature fall you ask?
Well, in the background, I have been working on quite a few features and projects in parallel and now, like the pumpkin and the pear, they’re finally looking ripe and we can harvest them.

So in the coming weeks, I’ll introduce some of them to you. Not all of them – the book for instance still needs some work.

But yeah, I have some cool stuff coming.

And today, we’ll make a start with a new AI Tool, which I call

AI Grammar Analyzer 

And also, I actually have a few quick little questions that are kind of important for some of the other projects.
Also…lasst uns direkt reinjumpen :)


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Summer, Sun and Vocab Fun – “scheitern”

In this episode:

"scheitern" means "to fail" and it's easy to fail when using it because the phrasing can be bit tricky. Today, we'll learn all about it and explore the family.


scheitern, versagen, nicht schaffen, der Scheiterhaufen, der Scheit,...

Hello everyone,

and welcome to the last episode of this year’s “Summer, Sun and Vocab Fun”.
Yes, it’s September already, but at least in Berlin the weather is amazing so one last time, we’ll do a short, sweet article about one of these words that you never really notice.
Until you do.

And then they’re like everywhere all of a sudden. Kind of like your partner’s worn underwear in the apartment. You don’t see it and then, all of a sudden, it’s everywhere. Next to the couch, under the table, in the fridge, in that fine bottle of Gin. Like… how the hell does it even get in there. I bought this literally yesterday.
But anyway, I digress.
Let’s get to the topic and today, that’s the meaning of


Some of you probably now observe their brains being like “Hmmm, that looks a bit like Scheiße.”
And that’s actually not completely wrong, because saying a nice, heartfelt “Scheiße!” might be exactly what we need as an outlet after some scheitern.

Because scheitern is to fail.

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Summer News and Epic Sneak Peek

Hello everyone,

and welcome to a new episode of no one’s favorite series:

Site Update

Hooray :)

Today, I’ll tell you that I’m taking a short vacation, then I have some news about the pdfs of my articles and last but not least, I have a little sneak peek of something that’ll come out this fall.
Actually, if all things go well, a LOT of stuff is going to come out this fall.
But yeah… this thing is probably going to be the first.

So without any further ado, let’s jump right in…

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