Word of the Day – “weigern”

In this episode:

"sich weigern" is the translation for "to refuse". Today, we'll learn how to use it, what to make of "sich" and we'll take a look at "verweigern".


sich weigern, verweigern, unweigerlich, die Weigerung, Realitätsverweigerung,...

Hello everyone,

welcome to our German Word of the Day.
And this time, I have one of those YUSIOYKI-words for you.
That looks like Japanese (if you don’t know Japanese like me) and it’s short for “You See it once you know it” and it’s basically one of those words that you never really notice or feel like you could use until you randomly learn them somewhere and then, all of a sudden, they’re everywhere.
Just like opportunities.
Yeah… that’s some deep, spiritual wisdom right there.
But who cares, that’s not what we’re here for.
We’re here for the German freakin’ language and today, we’ll have a look at the meaning of

sich weigern

And yes.
It’s one of those that are always reflexive.
And what is sich weigern?
Well, it’s what Thomas does when his girlfriend Maria asks him to put his dirty dishes into the dishwasher.
*cue quiz music

  1. comply
  2. refuse
  3. start an argument
  4. he doesn’t have a girlfriend

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Practice Locational Prepositions – Episode 2

Hello everyone,

and welcome to another episode of our January quiz special. Which is now more a winter quiz special and I think I finally found the perfect name for it… say hello to: Quinter.
That’s .. uhm… that’s quiz and winter combined.
Yeah… I know. Leative. That’s lame and creative combined.

Anyway, so today, we’ll do a second round of a quiz about

Locations and their Prepositions

In the first one we did a few weeks ago, we went over most of the basics and even if you’ve done it a couple of times, I’d actually recommend you do it again, because the point is NOT to pass a test, the point is to learn the… thing :)
You can find it here:

Today, we’ll do a second round, and we’ll tackle some of the more “fringe” locations and also contexts that are just plain different in German to how they’re handled in English and that might hence be confusing.

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Practice German Word Order – Episode 1

Hello everyone,

and welcome back to Practice-January 2024. Or Practice-Winter, I should probably say, because it’s almost February.
But who cares, what matters is the practice part, because practice is what … erm… makes the cow toot their horn.
Yeah… I totally made up that expression.
And that’s not the only thing I came up with.
I also thought of a new type of exercise. At least I don’t think we have done this here on the site until now.
And it is about

German Word Order

Phew… I’m always really worried to not accidentally type an “l” at the wrong spot here.

But seriously, today, we’ll do a nice (and fairly challenging) exercise for German Word Order, that’ll give you a good impression of where you stand and where you might still have some gaps.

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Huge Site-Update

Hello everyone,

so originally, I wanted to share this only after our “Practice-January” but I’m kind of too excited to wait any longer, so here we go :).
I have finally tackled and finished an upgrade that I have been wanting to do for a while:

YDG Dictionary Examples 2.0 – More and better

And it’s actually kind of a two part upgrade that tackles:

a)    How the examples that I made are displayed, and
b)    What happens for the entries where I don’t have hand made examples.

And there’s actually a third little thing that you might have noticed already that has to do with what happens where there are no results.

So… let’s take a look!

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Locations and Prepositions in German – The Quiz

Hello everyone,

And welcome back to “Practicanuary”. The whole of January (and maybe also a little of February), we’ll do a series of quizzes for various topics.
The very first one was about how to use the word lieber to express preference
(find it here).
Then we had a fun one about some nice German expressions
(you can find it here).
And today, things are getting real, because today, we’ll take a first jab at a topic that has low key frustrated every German learner at some point.

Locations and their prepositions in German 

Talking about location is one of those topics that I have yet to cover, and I actually hope to get to it this year.
But today, we’ll start with a nice juicy quiz about it. And not just a quiz.
It’s a quiz with benefits.

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7 German Expressions (That people actually use)

Hello everyone,

and welcome to the first real new post in 2024, the certified best year to learn German.



I think many of you just got back from vacation in the last few days, so you might not have read last week’s article yet, but in it, I asked you all if you’d like to do a kind of January exercise special to really start the year off active.

And there was communism level of agreement, with 89% of you saying “Yes”.
So throughout January, we’ll do a bunch of exercises of various kinds.
And today, we’ll start with a nice quiz about

German Expressions 

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