• -kunft (particle)
    1. -come (noun version of "kommen", but ONLY used in compounds. It's not productive any more so you can't come up with new words and expect them to sound idiomatic)
  • -werdung (particle)
    1. the turning into, the becoming (Used as second part of compounds that are about becoming something. It's not common at all, though, and you should not make up new words with it.)
  • abartig (adjective)
    1. disgusting
  • abbilden (ab verb)
    1. depict (capture in pics, sounds somewhat formal)
  • Abbildung, die (noun)
    1. the graphic (pictures and so on in books)
  • abblättern (ab verb)
    1. to peel off, to flake off (for color)
  • abbringen (von) (ab verb)
    1. to talk sb out of sth ("jemanden (Acc) von etwas (Dative) abbringen); always needs to come with the von-part.)
  • abdecken (ab verb)
    1. to cover, put a cover over (so that others can’t see it or so that it’s away from the air or the rain)
    2. to cover (for topics)
  • Abdeckstift, der (noun)
    1. the concealer
  • Abdeckung, die (noun)
    1. the cover (object that covers something. NOT the more figurative cover)
  • Abdruck, der (noun)
    1. the print (rare, context of newspapers)
  • abdrücken (ab verb)
    1. to pull the trigger
    2. to pay money (colloquial)
  • Abend, der (noun)
    1. the evening
  • Abendmahl, das (noun)
    1. the supper (old school)
  • abfeiern (ab verb)
    1. to party really hard (kind of slang)
  • abfließen (ab verb)
    1. to flow away (water in a sink for example, also for funds)
  • Abfluss, der (noun)
    1. the drain (primarily in context of plumbing)
  • Abfolge, die (noun)
    1. to sequence (rare)
  • Abführmittel, das (noun)
    1. the laxative
  • der Abgang, der (noun)
    1. the departure (sense of leaving only, rare)
    2. in the finish (im Abgang, describing wine)
  • abgehen (ab verb)
    1. to come off (stickers, pictures on a wall, etc)
    2. to go crazy/wild (for example people dancing or throwing a fit, but also for songs that are really energetic)
    3. to leave the stage or the scene
    4. happen, take place (colloquial, often in context of "What's going on?")
  • abgehoben (adjective)
    1. out of touch with the real world (in a negative, stuck up sense)
  • abgelaufen (adjective)
    1. expired (for food)
  • abgelenkt (adjective)
    1. distracted
  • abgesehen (adverb)
    1. besides, aside from, apart from
  • abgesehen davon (adverb)
    1. apart from that, that aside
  • abgespannt (adjective)
    1. worn out, drawn (for people, not too common)
  • abgewöhnen (sich+Dative) (ab verb)
    1. to break a habit, to stop ("sich (Dativ) abgewöhnen"... literally once used to be "to wean off")
  • abgießen (ab verb)
    1. to drain (for pasta, rice and similar)
  • abgucken/abschauen (ab verb)
    1. to crib, to peek, to “learn by watching someone” ((sich) abgucken/abschauen bei jemandem )
  • abhaben (ab verb)
    1. to get a piece/share (colloquial, mostly used to ask if you can have a piece or state that you'd like to have a share. Not used to talk about actually getting one)
  • abhandeln (ab verb)
    1. to fully discuss a topic
  • Abhandlung, die (noun)
    1. a treatment, treatise
  • Abhang, der (noun)
    1. the slope, the drop off
  • abhängen (ab verb)
    1. to depend (abhängen von = to depend on)
    2. to lose a pursuer
    3. to take down/unhang loundry
    4. to chill/to hang out
  • abhängig (adjective)
    1. dependant, addicted
  • abhauen (verb)
    1. to chop off (build Perfekt with haben)
    2. to piss off, hastily going away (build Perfekt with sein)
  • abheben (ab verb)
    1. to lift off
    2. to lose touch with reality a bit
    3. to answer the phone, to pick up the phone
    4. to withdraw money
    5. to stand out, to distinguish oneself (sich abheben (von) )
  • Abhebung, die (noun)
    1. the withdrawal of money (rare)
  • abheften (ab verb)
    1. to file away (to put away into a folder)
  • abkacken (ab verb)
    1. to fail at some kind of activity. (it can be done by people as well as stuff)
  • abkriegen (ab verb)
    1. to get a share
    2. to get hit (usually in the sense of a "wide-spread" shot and you get hit by accident. Can be water after a car drives through a puddle but also someone's bad mood)
  • ablästern (über+Acc) (ab verb)
    1. to have a proper gossiping session (with your friends for instance)
  • Ablauf, der (noun)
    1. the process, the sequence of events (sounds a bit technical)
  • ablaufen (ab verb)
    1. to run out (for water running out of sinks or basins, and for time)
    2. to expire (for food and offers)
    3. to go down (for a sequence of events)
  • ablehnen (ab verb)
    1. to reject (an offer of some kind. It's the opposite of "annehmen")
  • ableiten (aus, von) (ab verb)
    1. to deduce, to derive, derivate (math)
    2. to "lead away" (for electricity or substances)
  • Ableitung, die (noun)
    1. the derivative (math)
  • ablenken (ab verb)
    1. to deflect, to distract
    2. to divert
  • Ablenkung, die (noun)
    1. the distraction ((both good and bad))
    2. the result of a diversion