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Okay, it's not the best yet, because there are many entries missing, but it's already pretty cool, because it is handmade for what YOU, the learners, ACTUALLY need.

Learn the concepts:

Instead of listing all the possible translations, I'm looking for the common themes and group them up accordingly. I call those "ideas" and not "translations". So a word might have 25 translations, but only 3 distinct ideas.

Usage notes:

For most ideas, I give you the most important usage notes. So I tell you what contexts it is (or isn't) used in, what grammar you need to watch out for or if another word is the more idiomatic choice.

Examples with English and audio:

Soon, for most entries there will be several examples with translations and audio. And not some boring examples pulled from a newspaper but actual real life examples that people use in daily life. And another little surprise that I'm not gonna tell you just yet :)

Family relations:

Many words are related, and I'll give you all the related entries for the one you're looking at so you can build a nice fat web of connections in your brain. I'll also include more and more Indo-European roots there.

Links for further reading:

If the word was covered in one or more of the articles, you'll get a link and some info so you can dig in


There are over 4000 entries in there as April 2021 and besides words and phrases, you can also find grammar terms in the dictionary, if you need to freshen up on the jargon and I'm also planning more stuff like "opposite" or a A1/A2/B1 labeling. Lots to come, but I think it's already pretty useful.

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