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Here’s where you can find exercises and work out to get the perfect beach body… I mean beach German.
There’s not much here yet but it’ll slowly grow :). I have different ideas for different areas of German and I’ll try them out in the coming months to see how you like it. But you can also help me:

If you have ideas for a cool exercise let me
know in the comments.

But now… Viel Spaß. And enjoy your Muskelkater :)


Practice vocabulary and grammar while actually speaking.
I’m using the AI-Speech grading system by EF. It’s not perfect, but it’s pretty damn awesome. You’ll get instant feedback how well you said something and more importantly, this type of practice requires you to speak – no typing, no clicking boxes… just speaking :)

Listening comprehension

I’m reading you a little, fun folk tale, once slow and once normal, and you can read along. Or just listen. I do voices, too. At least I try :)

Sentence structure

This work out trains your sentence building muscles. I give you a bunch of short sentences and you have to combine them into one long chunk. You train using connecting words as well as sentence structure. We discuss different versions in detail in the comments.

German Summer Camp

In August 2019, learners from all over the globe met here for the first ever, epic as never before German Summer Bootcamp.
In a series of heavy workouts about time words, cases, verbs and their prepositions and sentence structure, we practiced like maniacs.

The next bootcamp will come, but until then, you can relive the pain here  :)

Viel Spaß (oh, you don’t really have to go in sequence)

Work Sheets

Worksheets… ugh. I always hated them. But maybe I have a work sheet system that you hate a little less.
The idea is that you DON’T write on the sheet. The solution is right next to the question. You just have to cover it with a piece of paper or your hand. And then you can do the exercise the way you please… write down full sentences, read it out from the page or just do it in your head.
They’re not meant to be done just once. Use them again and again until you know the examples. That way you’ll build up patterns and automatize stuff. Everybody learns differently so maybe it’s not what you need. But maybe it’s just that :)
Oh… each sheet is a pdf.

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