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Here’s where you can find exercises and work out to get the perfect beach body… I mean beach German.
There’s not much here yet but it’ll slowly grow :). I have different ideas for different areas of German and I’ll try them out in the coming months to see how you like it. But you can also help me:

If you have ideas for a cool exercise let me
know in the comments.

But now… Viel Spaß. And enjoy your Muskelkater :)

Listening comprehension

I’m reading you a little, fun folk tale, once slow and once normal, and you can read along. Or just listen. I do voices, too. At least I try :)

Sentence structure

This work out trains your sentence building muscles. I give you a bunch of short sentences and you have to combine them into one long chunk. You train using connecting words as well as sentence structure. We discuss different versions in detail in the comments.

Work Sheets

Worksheets… ugh. I always hated them. But maybe I have a work sheet system that you hate a little less.
The idea is that you DON’T write on the sheet. The solution is right next to the question. You just have to cover it with a piece of paper or your hand. And then you can do the exercise the way you please… write down full sentences, read it out from the page or just do it in your head.
They’re not meant to be done just once. Use them again and again until you know the examples. That way you’ll build up patterns and automatize stuff. Everybody learns differently so maybe it’s not what you need. But maybe it’s just that :)
Oh… each sheet is a pdf.

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  1. Ich glaube, du hast eine sehr gute Idee. Mir gefällt diese Sektion. Ich wünsche dir viel Erfolg damit. -Eric

  2. Jamie Woodring

    I’d love to check out how the Spoken Past form works, but it doesn’t seem to have a link.

  3. Mit großem Interrese lese ich jeden Tag Ihr Blog! Es ist echt wunderbar und hilft mir mehr zu verstehen
    Es würde hilfreich, wenn Sie eine Übung an fügen, die wie der B2 – Goethe Test ist. Teil : schreiben. In dieser Übung gibt es einen
    Brief, den Fehler in jedem Satz enthaltet und wir müssen dieser Fehlr entdecken.

    • Das ist eine interessante Idee!! Vielleicht mache ich das wirklich mal. Oder wir könnten es so machen, dass die Leser einen Text schreiben und dann suchen wir alle zusammen.

  4. judegermy7461

    I love this blog!!!!

  5. what could an answer be in German for= what can we do in London

    • In sense of doing something fun for the evening?
      “Was kann man in London machen/unternehmen” would work and also “Wo kann man in London so hingehen?” and “Was ist in London so los?”
      Hope that helps.

  6. I am not sure if I should be leaving a comment here – but I am not sure how else to ask for help.

    I am finding it impossible to find a German verb conjugator that has English translations right next to it (not somewhere else).

    It is hopeless for me to see (for example):

    ich werde
    du wirst
    er/sie/es wird
    wir werden
    ihr werdet
    sie/Sie werden … and the many other associated lists (14? – such as, Präteritum, Plusquamperfekt, Vergangenheit, etc.) without the translations.

    I want to see lists with German conjugation AND English translation TOGETHER, such as:

    ich werde I will
    du wirst you will
    er/sie/es wird he/she/it will / becomes etc.
    wir werden
    ihr werdet
    sie/Sie werden ..

    Any idea where I could find such a beast?


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