Advent Calendar 2 – “Work that order”

Written By: Emanuel Updated: May 29, 2020

advent-2Hi everyone,

day 2 of our German advent calendar, and this time you need to get active with a nice session of WoW.
No, nerds… the other WoW. This one:

word order workout

Now you’re like “Waiiit, I thought we get surprises. Not work.” but hey … in every advent calendar there are some things you don’t like. Like brittle. Ewwww. I hate that stuff.
So put on your yoga pants and get ready for a quick

How does it work?

We’ve done this kind of exercise before but that’s already a while ago, so let me explain real quick. I’ll give you a few short sentences that are clearly connected by context and you have to join them together.
Let’s do an example in English:


  • I’m hungover
  • I had too many beers last night.

possible answers:

  • I’m hungover because I had too many beers last night.
  • I had too many beers last night. That’s why I am hungover today.
  • I had too many beers last night, hence my hangover.
  • I’m hungover due to my having had too many beers last night

As you can see, there’s not THE ONE correct answer. Some versions are more idiomatic or elegant than others, but the main point is really to connect bits of information because that’s a HUUUUGE part of being able to express yourself.
So here you go … if you like you can leave your versions in the comments below  and I’ll correct them and we can collect how many ways there really are to say one thing. Oh and you might win today’s giveaway. And it doesn’t need to be correct to win. Trying is enough.
Viel Spaß :)

– easy –


  • Ich war im Regen joggen.
    (I was running in the rain)
  • Ich habe eine Erkältung.
    (I have a cold.)


  • Maria diskutiert nicht gerne mit Thomas.
    (Maria doesn’t like discussing/debating with Thomas)
  • Thomas lässt Maria nie ausreden.
    (Thomas never lets Maria finish her sentences.)


  • Ich dusche mich.
    (I shower.)
  • Ich föhne mir die Haare.
    (I blow-dry my hair)


– hard-ish –


  • Ich schicke den Anzug zurück.
    (I’m gonna send back the suit.)
  • Ich habe den Anzug bei Amazon gekauft.
    (I bought the suit at Amazon)
  • Ich hatte den Anzug bei der Party an.
    (I was wearing the suit at the party)

(hint: relative pronoun)


  • Thomas interessiert sich kein bisschen für Theater.
    (Thomas is not in the least interested in dancing.)
  • Thomas geht mit seiner Arbeitskollegin in Hamlet.
    (Thomas is going to see Hamlet with his (female) colleague.)
  • Thomas will Maria eifersüchtig machen.
    (Thomas wants to make Maria jealous.)

– diamond-esque –

(this one is really super hard, even for Germans)

  • Maria hat heute ein Tinder-Date.
    (Maria has a tinder date today.)
  • Maria hat fast 2 Stunden vor dem Spiegel überlegt, was sie anziehen könnte.
    (For almost 2 hours, Maria has been thinking in front of the mirror about what she could wear.)
  • Maria entscheidet sich für ein halblanges, schwarzes Kleid.
    (Maria opts for a half long, black dress)
  • Maria hat das Kleid einer Ex-Mitbewohnerin geklaut.
    (Maria stole the dress from an ex-flatmate)
  • Maria hatte sich mit der Mitbewohnerin sehr gestritten.
    (Maria had a bad fight with her.)

(hint: there’s a sequence of events in time so you need something like before or after)

Let me know in the comments if you have any questions about this and we’ll talk about it (or I’ll add it to my “things I need to write about”-almanac). And as I said, leave your versions in the comments and win today’s giveaway.
What’s the giveaway? Well, a small thing about the German language ;)
Schönen Tag euch und bis morgen.

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