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Spoken Past

English: Present Perfect (English), German: das Perfekt
Spoken Past is not an official grammar term, but it's the one I use on the site because one of its main features is that it's used in spoken German. The counterpart is "written past", which is officially called preterit.

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**Here are the posts in which I have talked about this concept in detail.**
German Past Tense - Preterit or Perfect

A fun overview over how the past tense works in German and where the differences are to English.

German Past Tense 2 - Spoken Past

All about the perfect in German, also called spoken past - when to use it, how to form the past participle, aka ge-form and when to use "sein" and "haben".

German Past Tense 3 - The Preterite

In this episode, we'll learn the rules for the regular preterit and go over the irregular forms of the most common verbs. With lots of examples.

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