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fehlen vs. vermissen

to be missing vs. to miss someone/something

“vermissen” is what you do with things or beings that are not there. “fehlen” is what the things do. They can both  be used to express that you miss someone, but the phrasings are different.

  • Ich vermisse dich.
  • I miss you.
  • Du fehlst mir.
  • I miss you.

For more examples and other uses of fehlen, make sure not to miss my article on that here :)

Word of the Day – “fehlen”

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Word of the Day - "fehlen"

A fun look at the German verb "fehlen", the different meanings of "ich fehle" and "mir fehlt" and how to properly say "I miss you." in German.


fehlen, der Fehler, fehlend, unfehlbar

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