Word of the Day – “treffen”

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and welcome to our German Word of the Day. This time we will have a close look at the meaning of:


Treffen is a word many people … mind the bold… ENCOUNTER at some point, even when they do not intend to learn German.
Meet Steve:
Steve does not speak German at all. Steve is traveling from London Gatwick to Berlin Schönefeld with Easyjet, the airline where the price and the carry-on are equal in pounds… yes… they are THAT cheap. On the flight, Steve is refreshing himself with an ice-cold Coca Cola while enjoying Transformers 4 on his ever so sharp and one-digit-inch IPad, from Apple (thanks for the paycheck). Steve is heading to Berlin to see nice things and drink stuff. The best place for that, so Steve was told, is a bar so there he goes and meets a German girl. As I said, he does not speak her native tongue. Yet he is very interested in it… … (badumm tish) … Hoping that his English accent will get him access, Steve decides to make an essay to express his delight about that contemporary acquaintance of his… in German.
Dictionary to the rescue!!!
But just as a dictionary brought my last sentence to the brink of nonsense, it gives less than perfect advice to Steve:

  • Schön, dich zu treffen.

That is the literal translation of

  • Nice to meet you.

That is, while totally understandable and ok, NOT the genuine thing to say.

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