ChatGPT Story Generator

Welcome to my ChatGPT story generator.

Just enter a topic or outline in German or English (Better in German). It can be just one word or a whole setting. Then, pick a difficulty and a style.

ChatGPT will create a short story for you and give you the translation

Please note:

  • The stories do sometimes contain a grammar mistake or a weird phrasing that is not idiomatic
  • The style options are still in beta. So it doesn’t always really stick to the genre and some beginner stories are a bit too difficult.
  • The more complicated genres and text can take a few minutes to complete

Use it as a fun tool :).


Difficulty (optional)
Genre (optional)
Let me know in the comments, how you like the tool, and what genre is your favorite. Oh, and if you have other ideas for genres, let me know as well.

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