der Politiker


the politician
("-in" for a woman.)
Opposite (closest): Spender

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7 months ago

Hello Emmanuel, I’m interested in how the Germans use the word “Politik.” When I look up the word “Policy”, used in English, in the dictionary, it gives me “Politik.” Then, the German word “Politik” is also used in a governmental sense for politics. Can you shed some light on this word? Should the english word of “policy” also mean “governance” as well?

7 months ago
Reply to  bbbymi

The main meaning of “Politik” is the “genre” of politics in general. A common counterpart is “die Wirtschaft”.

  • Thomas geht in die Politik, Maria in die Wirtschaft.

It’s also used to describe the type of politics, of a party for instance.

  • Ich mag seine Politik.

And you can find it outside of actual politics for “policy” like some company policy or some house rules.
But in that case, it is NOT as specific as English. It’s not countable and only exists in snigular.
So you cannot say something like

  • I don’t like that one policy of the company.

This would sound really really weird with “Politik”.

Hope that helps.

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