How to turn in German – The Quiz

Written By: Emanuel Updated: March 30, 2024

Hello everyone,

and welcome back your favorite German learning resource, this time with a new episode of  “EFTAWDLW”.
Which is short for “Exercise for the article we did last week”. of course. I mean… duh.
But seriously, last week, we talked about the different ways of translating to turn, and today, we’ll practice that a little bit.

How to turn in German – The Quiz

Now, originally, I wanted to do this really big comprehensive exercise that covers all fringe instances as well. But as I was preparing that, it felt more and more messy and disjointed. So I actually reduced it a little bit again to a managable size.
If there’s too much stuff, too many different contexts and words, then things get confusing.

So instead of bingeing, we’ll do 15 questions that cover the most important aspects of turning in German.
And with each answer, I’ll give you a some commentary as to what’s going on. So you don’t just test yourself, you can actually LEARN.

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