turning, revolving, winding
(Notable English members of the family are the verb "to well", "involve", "devolve", "convolute" and also "vulva", "vault", "volume" and "willow".)
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Word Family

The core idea of this root was:

turning, revolving, winding

The most notable branch is the one around the Latin verb volvere (to roll) which is the origin of words like these:

  • involve (“roll in”)
  • evolve, evolution (“roll out”)
  • revolve (“roll in return”)
  • revolt, revolution (“roll in return”)
  • devolve (“roll backward”)
  • convoluted (“rolled together”)
  • volume (originally: a roll of a manuscript”)
  • vulva (“the wrapper”)

Also part of the family are willow, whelk, waltz and well (as in a “water well”) and probably also to walk, which originally may have been about rolling objects around to move them.

Oh and from the Greek side we have helix and helicopter.

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