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One of the biggest flashcard apps out there

Memrise is one of the biggest flashcard apps out there. You can create your own decks, but there are also many pre-made decks, some of them curated by Memrise and they include images, audio and short video sometimes.

The app offers the standard spaced repetition algorithm ( the one that all apps have but they all act like it’s cutting edge tech that they invented). And it’s of course freemium, so you get the basic functions fo’ free, but if you want all the modes and have it work offline, you’ll have to pay… like… a lot.


  • VERY big user base and card libraries for the most common languages
  • nice interface
  • curated, course-like card sets


  • TOO expensive. I find the pricing ridiculously high for a flashcard app.
  • no built-in speech recognition
  • too much freaking typing
  • not enough study modes

I prefer Memrise over Anki, simply because it has a better, easier user interface, but there’s a lot of room for improvement.
(I took Japanese there, by the way, and the curated course has a high production quality, but as far as didactics go… it wasn’t that great.)

Memrise – Learn German


If you’ve used Memrise, let me know in the comments how you liked it :)

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