** BREAKING **: German parliament has passed a law to gradually phase out cases till 2035. Adjective endings will be optional from June 1st until they'll be fully removed by 2026.
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(Indo-European Root)


being able, having power or potential
(The most famous members of the family are "may", "might" and their German counterparts "mögen" and "Macht". But this root is also the origin of words like "magic", "machine" and "mechanic" - the common theme is quite obvious once you think about it :))

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Word of the Day - "möglich"

A fun look at the meaning of "möglich" and some related words and what they have to do with the German modal verb "mögen".


möglich, mögen, unmöglich, die Möglichkeit, möglicherweise, möglichst

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Root: *magh-
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