grown up, tall, human
(The root shifted from human to "the people" or "folk" and also took on a sense of freedom. Notable English members are the family of "liberty" and "deliver" and a few Greek words that you might see in a spelling bee.)
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The meaning of "liefern"


liefern, die Lieferung, erlösen, ausliefern, abliefern, überliefern, beliefern

Word Family

Root: *leudh

The core idea of this root was:

grown up, tall, grown human

The root shifted from a general sense of human toward a more “group” sense of the people, the folk and also took on a sense of freedom, independence that we can still family members like liberty or liberal.
deliver is also part of that family and originally meant set free.
For some reason, it also took on the sense of “handing over“.

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