Dictionary Indo-European Root *gher- (2)

*gher- (2)


grasping, enclosing
(Notable English members of the family are "garden", "girth" , "court", "yard" , "hangar" and the home of Thor: Midgard.)
How useful:

Word Family

The core idea of this root was:

gasping, enclosing

There’s quite a variety of offspring, but the core theme is present in most of them, as they’re either about a delimited area or our waist :)
Here’s a little (incomplete) overview:

  • girth
  • girdle
  • garden 
  • hangar
  • yard
  • court, courtesy
  • -grad (The Slavic stem for city)
  • orchard
  • choir (Originally, the people singing would dance in a circle)
  • choral
  • Midgard (literally “the middle realm”)
  • Asgard (literally “the God realm”)
  • Hildegard, Hilda (protecting maid)
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