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Easy German

Best Youtube Channel


Easy German is the best Youtube channel for learners. Nuff said!

They started out making interviews on the streets, but they’re also explaining grammar and answering questions.
All with German AND English subtitles and with lots of humor and love.
Cari, Januzs, Manuel, E and the other are truly awesome human beings and I’m glad to call them my friends.

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Easy German on Youtube

Oh, and if you’re already a bit advanced, they also have a podcast. Every week, Manuel (not me) and Cari talk about all kinds of topics, ranging from their lunch to Heidegger to  crypto currencies. Often with guests (like me). For patrons, there’s also a transcript.

Easy German Podcast


I’m sure most of you know them, so leave a comment how you like them and if you’re team Janusz or team Cari :)




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