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front, forehead, what's ahead
(Notable English members are "end", "until", "answer" and all words with "anti" and many with "ad-")

Word Family

Root: *ant-

The core idea of this root was:

the front, the forehead, “what lies ahead”

It’s the origin of end, until and answer. It’s also the origin of anti- (originally about facing), ad- (“directed at”)and un- (in its sense of reversal). And most importantly, it’s the origin of antler, which most likely was cornu *antoculare – horn in ahead of eyes.

If you needed something to impress your date with – that piece of info will get you laid 100%.

Here’s an (incomplete) list of English family members:

  • end
  • until
  • along
  • anti
  • anticipate
  • advance
  • advantage
  • answer (“swearing back at”)
  • avant-garde
  • anterior


  • the GOAT: antler


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