Advent Calendar 2019 – “For Day Thing”

Written By: Emanuel Updated: April 6, 2021

“For Day Thing”


Hello everyone,

day 13 of our German learning Advent Calendar, and today we’ll take another peek into the book I am working on and get a sweet little bit of vocabulary-chocolate with an etymology filling. Yummy.
Ladies and gentlemen… get ready for



It’s a weird looking word that seems to have no connection to anything, but in fact it has a connection to… thing.
Thing and its German brother das Ding come from the Germanic ting, which had a really crucial role in the Germanic society because the ting was a (no pun intended) meeting of the tribe leaders, which often had the function of a court.
Back then, there was also the verb “tagetingen”, a combination of Tag (day) and ting, which was later shortened to “teidingen”. This verb expressed the idea of having a court hearing or debate. And the ver added a notion of for to it giving the verb a sense of speaking for your case, or for someone. Soon, it broadened beyond the context of a ting and became the general German word for to defend.

die Verteidigung – the defense (also in sport), vindication
der Verteidiger – the defender (sports), the defense attorney

  • Ich habe meine Theorie über Einhörner verteidigt.
  • I defended my theory about unicorns.


As usual, let me know your questions and comments in the… well… comments. Habt einen schönen Tag und bis morgen :)

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