Advent Calendar 20 – “All pulled together”

Written By: Emanuel Updated: April 15, 2021

Hello everyone,

welcome back to our Advent Calendar; let’s see what we have behind door number 20… uh… it is… drumroll….

a family picture

A family picture. You know… on Christmas families come together and they often take a family picture.
Well guys, it wasn’t easy but I was actually able to get my hands on last years family picture of… the Zug-family :).

Seriously, there are some families of words that are just crazy. In the regular articles, we don’t really have time to follow up on that, but it’s really fascinating. So I decided to make a little map of it, that shows which words are related and how they all more or less tie in with one original idea.

This one is for the family of ziehen and Zug and I am pretty sure there are some cool surprises in there.

This is the first of this kind I ever made,  and it’s really more a work in progress. So I’d really be interested in your feedback. Do you like these kinds of maps? Would you like more of these in the future? And are there things I can do better to make it more helpful?
Oh one thing though… I know you’re all like “Prefix versions!!” but there’s no way to include all the prefix versions of ziehen with all their translations. I tried but there are just too many with too many translations each. Maybe I’ll do an extra sheet on this some day. Or a card game ;)
Anyway, let me know your thoughts in the comments and enter the competition for today’s little giveaway.

Viel Spaß mit dem Familienfoto und bis morgen :)

(click the image or here to download the full size image) 

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