Advent Calendar 16 – “Make a wish”

Written By: Emanuel Updated: February 22, 2020

Make a wish

Hi Leute,

day 16 of our Advent Calendar, and today you get to do something that is one of the most fun parts about Christmas, at least for kids… making a wish list.
But this one is not for Santa Claus, it’s for this blog.

Every now and then you guys send me topic suggestions in a comment but I have have to confess that I don’t really keep track of it, because I am just really lazy disorganized. Some of the suggestions, I do keep in my head but others just get lost, which is a pity because I’m desperate for ideas.
Okay… actually, no :). I have lots things I want to talk about (some words like Leistung or ja have been on the mental to do list FOREVER) but we’ve talked about 400 words and their relatives here, so picking a topic slooooooooowly is becoming a thing.
But I thought, why not just round them up here. So…

If you have an idea for a word or another topic I should talk about
 – tell me in a comment.

Now, German has this saying that parents use prevent their kids from getting too hyped up.

  • Ein Wunschzettel ist kein Bestellschein.
  • A wish list is not a shopping cart. (lit.: order slip)

I won’t make any promises :). But I’ll definitely give you my feedback on your ideas.

Also, I have set up a mini survey about the site in general. It’d be great if you could answer those real quick, and please
please be honest :).

How do you like the design?

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How do you like the navigation?

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Do you want more audio content with me just talking?

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Is there an aspect of the site that bugs you?

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If you have more detailed feedback or ideas, please let me know in the comments.
Ich freu mich auf eure Ideen,
schönen Tag und bis morgen :)

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