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  • I’m working on articles about hin and theer- prefix… be excited :)
  • working on a glossary/dictionary for the whole site. Well… a programmer is :) It’ll be amazingly useful!!
  • I’m playing at a theatre festival near Montreal (Mont Laurier, Sept. 5th – Sept 11th). Come see me, if you want

German Summer Bootcamp

In August 2019, learners from all over the globe met here for the first ever, epic as never before German Summer Bootcamp.
In a series of heavy workouts about time words,cases, verbs andtheir prepositions and sentence structure, we practiced like maniacs.

If you want to relive the pain… I mean … fun, then check out the Gym section of my site :)

Online Course

In the online course, you can learn all about German grammar. It’s divided by topics, not levels, so you can study what YOU are interested in at the moment.
You can learn:

  • The Essentialy – All you need as a beginner
  • German Cases
  • German Adjective Endings
  • Talking about Time
  • Word Order in German
  • Position of “nicht”
  • Two Way Prepositions


Grammar is a good thing, but the key to pretty much any language is learning vocabulary. And that’s the heart of Yourdailygerman :).
In each article, we’ll take a detailed look at one word and learn what meanings it has, why it has those meanings and how to use it (and when not to). And we’ll explore connections to English and to other German words so you form connections and build your vocabulary organically.
I have a large amount of articles, so you can organize them in various ways: