Advent Calendar 2019 – “Ready to Order”

Written By: Emanuel Updated: December 17, 2019

“Ready to Order”

Hello everyone,

day 17 of our Advent Calendar and today is a premiere, actually, because behind today’s door is a new quiz format :).
For a long time I wanted to do an exercise about word order. But the problem with word order is that there usually is more than one correct answer because the correct order depends highly on the context and what you actually want to say. And even very weird looking orders can be correct in the right circumcisions… I mean stances.
Those of you who have read my series on word order and on the position of nicht will know what I mean.

Now, I was never quite sure which format. But the new quiz software that I am using offers a type of exercise called “sorting”.
And I feel like this might actually be a good way to get a feel for how idiomatic a certain word order sounds.

So here’s what we’ll do today:

I’ll give you a German sentence in 4 different orders and you have to sort them from most to least idiomatic. The most idiomatic one is the one with the leat tension and would be called “normal”. The two in the middle have some tension and thus create special focus and the last one borders on sounding wrong.
I’ll also give you the English translation, but don’t get hung up on that too much.

To order the items, just drag and drop them. We’ll do five sets and you can check after each round if you found the correct order.
In a trial run, it looked liked the software is actually a bit buggy and didn’t recognize correct answers as correct. I couldn’t recreate this mistake but there is a chance that your answer is correct but the system says it’s wrong. For that reason I have added letters to the sentences and given you the correct order as an answer…. like B D A C for example.
If the system marks your answers wrong even if they’re right, please let me know. Then I’ll have to look into the software again (aka reach out to customer support, because I am paying for this stuff).

And of course, also let me know all the questions about the solutions and give me some feedback what you think about this type of exercise. Do you like it? Do you think it’s a good way to get a feel for word order?

Oh and one little health warning: if your knowledge on word order is just based on books or a German course, you might feel a little lost. You kind of need to have read my series on word order to REALLY understand what’s going on here.

Cool! So,  viel Spaß and I’m really curious for your feedback :)


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