Advent Calendar 22 – Oracle

Written By: Emanuel Updated: December 22, 2020


Hello everyone

day 22 of the Advent Calendar, we’re slowly approaching the end of this cluste… I mean, year.
And so it’s about time to summon

The Oracle

Below, you see a magic grid of letter and in it you can find wisdo…
“Uhm, Emanuel, we did this oracle last year and it turned out a complete fail.”
Oh, was it? I understand that it can seem that way BUT… just imagine what the year would have looked like WITHOUT the German Word Grid Oracle’s predictions.

So…  here’s how it works:

  1. Burn some sage (optional, increases helpfulness)
  2. Close your eyes!
  3. Think of the next year.
  4. Say: “Dear Oracle, guide me. What should I look for in the coming year?”
    (optional. You can also just think it.)
  5. Look at the magic image!

The first three words you see are your words for 2021.
Pay attention to them and you’ll have a happy year.

So without further ago… let’s let the oracle talk.

(spirituality intensifies)


Wow, so magical.
I’m really curious what predictions you got so share your three words in the comments. But you don’t have to, of course.
Oh and just to make sure… the words the grid shows are different for every person, so I can’t give you a “solution” ;).

Have a terrific day and bis morgen :)

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