Advent Calender 2019 – Your Next Year

Written By: Emanuel Updated: December 22, 2019

“Your Next Year”

Hello guys,

day 22 of our epic Advent Calendar, the fourth of Advent, the Calendar is almost over. And so it’s time for… drumroll…

The Epic, 100% Accurate Word Grid Oracle

Here’s how it works :).
Below you see a word grid that holds a deep truth about yourself for the next year.

The first two words you see are what you need more of in 2020.
The second two words you see are what you should try to stay away from in 2020.

Note, that the oracle doesn’t tell you what to do.
The insights and revelations you’re about to receive are already hidden deep inside you. The Word Grid Oracle is but a conduit to guide you to your own inner truth. And the magic mandala is not just there to distract your eyes. It facilitates the refocusing of your soul energy.
Oh and one more thing before you question the oracle. You might see a boring word like “ein” or “und” first. These are just artifacts, echos of your inner voice that mean nothing. Just ignore those and keep looking.
All right.

Now, I invite you to take a deep breath, find your inner center and ask yourself
“What do is good for me in 2020?”
And now, close your eyes. Scroll down and take a look at the oracle.

*spirituality intenifies


What a reveal, right?
If you want, you can share in the comments, what the oracle helped you see. What do you need more of? What do you need less? And does that resonate with you. I’m really curious :).

Oh and also… there are a total of 23 words hidden in the grid. Can you find them all :)?
Here’s the grid as a pdf with a solution.
Have a great day and bis morgen!!

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