Winter is coming – and brings tough questions with it

Written By: Emanuel Updated: January 10, 2021

calendar-announcementYeah, that title was totally click bait :)
But for good reason because I have a little announcement and you’ll really like it.

So… right now it’s fall (a very freaking super uber gray fall in Berlin) but advent season is coming and besides ginger bread and  Glühwein and shopping stress and family stress that also means: advent calendar.
For those of you who don’t know what that is… the idea is essentially that you get to open a little present every day between the first and the 24th of December. A piece of chocolate, or a ginger bread or even just a nice small picture.
It’s really a cool tradition so last year, we did that last year here on the blog too. Every day you’d get a … prefix verb.
Uh… hooray… I guess.
Here’s a link to the first episode, in case you want to check out the series… which is NOT in the archives ;).

Prefix Advent Calendar 1

So, I actually really like the idea and I want to do a advent calendar again this year, but not with prefix verbs. This time, it’s you to decide what goes in it.
Here’s how it works:

Leave a comment asking me  something,  anything.

That can be a question about the German language… as long there’s a fairly short answer. So no “How does the conditional work in German?” All those little questions:

  • What’s the difference between A and B?
  • How to translate X in that context?
  • Do you have a trick for pronouncing this and that?

You can also ask me to draw up a little exercise on some grammar topic… like “Give us an exercise on word order.”
And you can ask about German politics (yawn) or German fashion (is there such thing?) or Germany in general. . Or to read out a poem. Or sing Madonna. Or do a drunk rant about something. Or post a nude picture of me. You can ask anything really.
I will then pick the best questions and requests and boom… that’s gonna be this year’s German is Easy Askvents Calendar. Every day a cool little surprise.
So go right ahead… post your question in a comment here. And oh… I almost forgot… there’s gonna be a little give away if your question makes it into the calendar.
Ich bin schon gespannt auf eure Fragen :)
Bis dann.


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