Viva vacation :)

I’m on a little Easter trip for a week. Yeay!!
I will check my e-mails but it might take a few days.
So if you have trouble with the membership or login, please don’t get upset if I don’t reply right away. I’m not ignoring you :)

Schöne Tage euch und bis nächste Woche

Achso… I’ll be in Bergen, Norway, in case any of you are there
and would like to meet up

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5 years ago

Something to ponder on vacation…. I think a great post would be about simple everyday phrases that require direction/position. These are unexpectedly difficult for a non-native speaker (like myself) to put together in an idiomatic way.

For example, these all sound very simple but it’s really difficult to make them sound right in German:

She looks out the window.

They look across the street.

He sees his friend across the street.

She puts the baby in the car seat.

He puts the stick on top of the box. (As compared to he puts the stick inside the box, lays the stick on the box, etc.)

In addition, explanation of sentences that use those nasty words like hintendrein, obendrauf, etc.

Thanks and have a good trip!