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Hello everyone,

no article, just a couple of quick updates.
“Seriously, Emanuel?? You make a us click a link just for friggin’ updates?!?!
“Yeah, man! You could have just put these in the newsletter. We’re busy!!!!”

Yeah, you’re right. But then those of you who follow me through the subscription feature won’t see it (I think). And also, I wanted the video in a post here.

So yeah… we did it again :). And this time, it’s a feature length epic drama about coming to this city as a foreigner. Cari, Janusz, Anji and me, we all took weeks of acting lessons, Janusz learned how to kite surf in preparation for his role and I got the shittiest haircut you have ever seen. Because, you know, Berliners and fashion… mehhhhhh.
But before we watch the video, let me quickly say another thing, that is ONLY interesting for those of you who live in Berlin. And who are super spontaneous.

I am gonna give a workshop again!

And the topic this time is…. drumroll… the conditional in German. You know, the would, could, should stuff.
It’ll be tomorrow (Thursday, April 26th)  at 6 pm in Kleinod Bar in Berlin Neukölln, as usual with some snacks and on a pay what you can afford basis. You can find all the details in this Facebook-Event:

And for all of you who can’t come tomorrow… well, articles about this are coming up, so don’t be sad.
And now, have fun with the video, viel Spaß und bis bald :)


for members :)

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That was eyeopening….
Very nicely put ….


It would be so great to be there! Hope you have one June 21st (will be there that evening). Viel Spaß to all who can attend! I’m already green with envy!

Jo Alex Sg
Jo Alex Sg

The video is hilarious. I´m glad I won´t ever have to visit Berlin, lol.


The video was really good. Berlin is just like New York. Chicago is nicer, more like Hamburg (sister cities, actually).

My experience in Germany is that everyone is really friendly and helpful to anyone who tries to speak German – perhaps it’s that innate deutsche Wanderlust that makes Germans gravitate towards die Ausländer in town – I can’t even sit in a bar and write postcards in “peace” – Germans at the bar wanna know what I’m writing, to whom, read the postcards to see what I’ve written about Germany and then even help correct my German on the postcards I’ve written in German! At concerts they approach me spontaneously to comment on my outfit and I get a gazillion smiles from strangers on the street. In Sweden NO ONE would ever comment on anyone’s outfit and I always have to be the one to smile first. Stateside, people smile and even say hello to strangers.

Sorry, but none of these negative rumors about German rudeness and Servicewüste Deutschland usw are confirmed – not by me. At least, not yet.

Bulgarian! Easier than Ukrainian and Russian because you don’t have the cases, I think we have 8 cases in Ukrainian, don’t quote me on that, though, but there are a LOT – makes the 3 German cases seem like a veritable picnic for anyone learning it as a second language. Fortunately, it was my mother tongue so I didn’t have to “learn” them, they sorta got handed down genetically… You’ve got the Cyrillic alphabet to contend with but seriously, Read, Read, Read – borrow all the Bulgarian children’s books you can find in the library and download all the ones to which your iPad has access! That alphabet will fix itself permanently in your head, I promise.

Emanuel, you are AMAZING! We all just love you to pieces! Hope you are behind the bar in June so my husband and I can come in to meet you when we’re in Berlin!


Great video – all three scenes were good, but the “Auf dem Amt…” one is absolutely spot-on. Like, serious déjà vu.


Hi ^^ Thank you Mr. Emmanuel for the one year membership and I really appreciated it since it would really help me with my journey in learning German for my studies! Also thank you so much for the members that also helped out and made it possible!

Terri Lee
Terri Lee

Thank you for the video. Can’t possibly make it to Berlin in time for the event. A video conference to participate remotely would be ganz herzlich. I love your articles.


Terri Lee – yeah! Video conference! Why didn’t i think of that! I do Webinaria (plural of Webinarium?) quite often for work-related stuff – works great – I don’t remember the software they use – we just installed it once and then click on the link to the Webinarium – works like a charm. Great way to get people from all over into the same place ohne the travel. Whaddya say, Emanuel?