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Written By: Emanuel Updated: April 25, 2018

Hello everyone,

no article, just a couple of quick updates.
“Seriously, Emanuel?? You make a us click a link just for friggin’ updates?!?!
“Yeah, man! You could have just put these in the newsletter. We’re busy!!!!”

Yeah, you’re right. But then those of you who follow me through the subscription feature won’t see it (I think). And also, I wanted the video in a post here.

So yeah… we did it again :). And this time, it’s a feature length epic drama about coming to this city as a foreigner. Cari, Janusz, Anji and me, we all took weeks of acting lessons, Janusz learned how to kite surf in preparation for his role and I got the shittiest haircut you have ever seen. Because, you know, Berliners and fashion… mehhhhhh.
But before we watch the video, let me quickly say another thing, that is ONLY interesting for those of you who live in Berlin. And who are super spontaneous.

I am gonna give a workshop again!

And the topic this time is…. drumroll… the conditional in German. You know, the would, could, should stuff.
It’ll be tomorrow (Thursday, April 26th)  at 6 pm in Kleinod Bar in Berlin Neukölln, as usual with some snacks and on a pay what you can afford basis. You can find all the details in this Facebook-Event:

And for all of you who can’t come tomorrow… well, articles about this are coming up, so don’t be sad.
And now, have fun with the video, viel Spaß und bis bald :)


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