Advent Calendar 10 – “To not Confuse to Confuse”

Written By: Emanuel Updated: February 11, 2021

To not confuse to confuse


Hallo ihr lieben,

welcome back to day 10 of our Advent Calendar.
Christmas is the time when we meet up with our family, and I think we’ve all been there:
we walk into the room and we’re like “Oh, grandpa, so good to see you.”
but the person is like “I’m your niece.” And you’re just like
“Oh my God, why do I always confuse you two?”. And the whole family is just like “Because, GLÜHWEIN.”
Now you might feel a little confused. And that’s perfect. It’ll get worse. Because today, we’ll do an exercise on the word to confuse.
To confuse has two translations in German, verwirren and verwechseln, and they’re a very very common mistake for German learners because unfortunately they are not synonymous at all.

We’ve talked about it in detail in an articles, so if you want, you can check that out here:

What is the Difference: verwirren vs. verwechseln

But if you don’t have time, here it is in a nutshell :)

verwirren is about a cloudy mind,
verwechseln is about taking A for B. 

That’s what you get to practice today. Here are 10 sentences for you to translate to confuse in them in some form.
Or if translating is too difficult (the last few are a bit longer), just try to find which idea of confuse the sentence is about… a cloudy mind, or taking A for B.
Oh… I actually “went the extra mile” to use my exercise setup. Just click the button to see the solution, or listen to it in the audio.
Oh, and if you’re using Firefox the audio might not play. You can find the direct mp3-links here.


I’m super confused.
Ich bin super verwirrt.


German can be quiteconfusing.
Deutsch kann super verwirrend sein.


Thomas is confusedby us.
Thomas ist von uns verwirrt.


Thomas confused us.
Thomas hat uns verwechselt.


The statement confused Maria and Thomas.
Das Statement hat Maria und Thomas verwirrt.


I confused Maria with Thomas.
Ich habe Maria mit Thomas verwechselt.


Example number six is a bit confusing when you think about it.
Beispiel Nummer 6 ist ein bisschen verwirrend, wenn man drüber nachdenkt.


The confusion among the students was palpable.
Die Verwirrung unter den Studenten war greifbar.


Working out and watching Netflix… somehow I always mix up those things.
Sport machen und Netflix gucken… irgendwie verwechsele ich diese Dinge immer.


Maybe you’ll still confuse the words every now and then, but I hope they’re a little less confusing.
Vielleicht verwechseltihr die Wörter noch ab und zu, aber ich hoffe, sie sind ein bisschen weniger verwirrend.

And, how was it? How many did you get right?
Let me know in the comments how you did and if you have questions.
Schönen Tag euch und bis morgen :)

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