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Written By: Emanuel Updated: January 10, 2016

happynewyearHey everyone,

so Christmas is over and for me it was fun. In a weird kinda way. Some of my colleagues were driving me crazy and then some web hosting issues were driving me crazy, a rodent was driving a colleague crazy, then the colleagues me once again and then the hosting issues again.  Hmm… maybe it was more the Elder Fashioned cocktails and I had last night that made in fun :).
Seriously though, the year is coming to a close and I just wanted to say thank you to you all. This blog got 4 years old a couple of weeks ago and the last year was the most amazingest so far and it’s all because of you because without you I wouldn’t be doing this.
So, danke for all your comments and questions.
Danke for all your donations. They really help a lot. (oh… Guenther Muth, I don’t even know what to say).
Danke for putting up with all my dumb jokes and bad puns.
And last but not least danke for putting up with German, one of the clunkiest and least sexy languages in the world. Seriously, dirty talk in German just doesn’t work.

All this is really motivating and I have some really cool things planned for next year.
For example, shorter but morer articles… I mean, more. Don’t worry, nerds – looooooong articles will always have their place here. But they’re hard to write and I’m sure hard to digest and German is not only easy… it is also FUN. You hear me. It is fun! So next year, we’ll do that justice with short, fun posts about cool random words, slang terms, but also idiomatic sayings and  stuff like that.

And it’s not only the content. The website will get a little face-lift and a better navigation. A proper search and a category system that actually makes sense will do their utmost to help you navigate and find the content you want to read … wow, that sounds like marketing babble.
I’ll also try to reduce the number of typos on the site and trim some fat here and there. Not on me though, since I have this perfect beach body right here.
Wait… that’s not what I meant to show you. Don’t click th.. oh damn… too late.
Anyways, I also want to include a “too long, didn’t read”-section to the posts. So yeah… finally you can skip everything!!!! Hooray :).

Then there will be the book that’ll ease your prefix pain, we’ll do some reviews with cool giveaways for you and  of course I’ll finally do the long awaited video tutorials on horse grooming.
Oh, and better jokes.

So there’s a lot to  look forward to and I hope you to see you next year.
Bis dahin…

Guten Rutsch :)

(literally, it means “have a great slide” and it is what Germans say to
each other before new years in order to with a great transition into
the new year.)

Oh… and now I almost forgot the important thing:


Important notice for WordPress.com-followers

I will be moving the site to WordPress.org.  For the people who are following this blog using their WordPress.com account this has one important repercussion. You will still see my new posts in your reader BUT


This is not ideal but there’s nothing I can do to change that, so if you want to get an email notification whenever I post something, you have to sign up anew as an email follower. There will be a huge form for that on the site once I’ve moved.

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