Wohoo… win a book!!

Written By: Emanuel Updated: September 26, 2016

Hallo ihr alle,

ich hoffe euch geht es super. I was just taking a took a look at the comment stats when I saw that we’re awfully close to… drumroll


Fifteen friggin’ thousand.
Woooooooow!! Just wow. 
It’s always really great to read from you. For one thing it’s super motivating and it’s also interesting because you often come up with stuff that I haven’t thought of…like proper spelling :).
Nah, kidding I mean the additional thoughts that help us flesh out ideas even more. (I do apraicite the spelling correction too, they make the articles better so keep ’em coming :)

Seriously, all your great comments are a substantial part of this blog and have kept me going for all this time so now that we’re about to hit 15.ooo… let’s celebrate. I will do that by having … a beer, and you guys can do that by

winning a book!!!

 I’ll put out 3 German learning novels. These are (crime) stories written specifically for learners, with vocab and grammar exercises and an audio CD. It’s a really cool learning tool in my opinion and they are available for different levels from A1 to B2, so that’s great. And if you’re already C1 we can also make it a n”ormal” book… like “Hypnobirthing. Der natürliche Weg zu einer sicheren, sanften und …”… gee, that title is way too long.
So… here’s how you can win:


Leave a comment telling the person who commented before you why they are awesome and will totally become fluent in German.  Here’s an example

“Dear EinhornMasterGod1980… you’ll became fluent because your name is longer than most German compounds

Hint: you can also use what you tell yourself everyday… just change the name ;).
Really, it doesn’t need to make any sense, as long as it’s motivational.

Comment number 15.000 will get a book. And because not everybody reads the post at the same time, also 14.985 and 15.35 will get one.

— *** —

I’m gonna leave a first comment with a fake name now, so the c… oh wait, I didn’t actually want to say that.
Seriously though… you’re all so great. Thanks for all the comments, please keep it up and let’s go for 20.000 next :)
Schöne Woche euch!!

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