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Written By: Emanuel Updated: September 26, 2023

Hello everyone,

and welcome to the final surprise for our E-May-L-Special.
Are you ready? Are you?!
Well, then here it goes… this site now has its own

Yourdailygerman Dictionary

Some of you might remember this from last year’s Advent Calendar. Well, there you go… I actually finished a project I am teasing for once :).
Unlike that book about non separable prefixes that I promised years ago. It’ll come though. I’ll finish it, so don’t you worry.

Anyway, so this idea of a glossary has been in the back of my head for a long time. There are so many words hidden in the articles and my goal was always to make them more accessible. But for the glossary, I didn’t know how.
And then, a little over a year ago, I found a really amazing person to help me with the programming part, me and my girlfriend could focus on entering all the dates… I… I mean data.

And now it’s actually ready to be used as a beta version :) :) :) 

Here’s what you can do:

  • Look up any word we ever talked about.  And I mean ALL the words, not just the actual topics. 
  • Get the meaning or meanings right away
  • See important grammar info like plural or the verb forms
  • The translations are “handmade” by me and I added usage notes to give you a better sense of the meaning
  • It’s about 2.700 entries so far, most of them really useful words


  • you can actually also search for English words, not just German

And as if that wasn’t enough, you also get a reference to the article in which we talk about the word AND you can even show the mini info about that article. So you can see the little about snippet, an overview over which words are covered and the cartoon.

And we won’t stop here!
We haven’t finishing entering yet, we’re actually at about two thirds. But once that’s done, what I’ll do next is add audio for the entries, so you can click play.
And then, we also want to give an example sentence for each entry, with the translations, just like in the article. And theeeeeen… maybe, at some point, you’ll have your own…


 Let’s … let’s keep this on the hush hush though. There’s lots to do before that :).

Now, I said the whole thing is still in beta phase, so it’s not perfectly polished. And the load time initially is a bit long.
Like… once it’s loaded, it’s actually quite fast and also instant, so you can just type and see results immediately without hitting enter.
But yeah… it takes a  few second to load.

Anyway… I think this really is kind of a milestone, for me personally at least. And I absolutely can’t wait for your feedback :).
So head right over and let me know what you think:


Get to the Dictionary


Oh… and last but not least:

Big thank you to Daniel and Anji. Without you, this wouldn’t be possible!!


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