Advent Calendar 11 – Having a guest

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Ey yo guys,

wie geht’s euch :).  Welcome back to our Advent Calendar. And today I’ll actually do something really really really out of character: walking around naked while cooking.
No… wait, that’s out of clothes, not out of character.

What I’ll really do today is … brace yourselves… !!! publish a guest post!!! 


A while back, I got an email from him asking me if I was interested in a guest post.
And as always, my first initial thought was “No, I’m not.”
Usually, when people offer guest posts it’s because they want to place some links to their product or site in there. Not that there’s something wrong with that. I mean, we all gotta eat, right? But I never felt this would be a good fit for this site.
David, however, somehow didn’t seem like the usual freelance guest blog post author and he was really eager to do it.
So I was like “Hmm, okay, what do you have in mind?”. He suggested a few topics and one in particular sounded like it could be interesting for you guys… “How to learn German by Yourself”.

And so I decided to include it in this advent calendar.
This is a one time event though!
If you’re a small language app or site, and you want to get links or exposure, leave your guest posts and affiliate programs at home and put out some serious giveaways for my audience!!! That’s how we do it in this neck of the web.

Anyway, without further ado, let’s jump right in.

“How to Learn German by Yourself”

by David Taylor

If you are wondering on how to learn German by yourself, then you are not alone. The good news about this is, there are some easy, fun ways that you can use to learn German all by yourself and become a fluent speaker with time. There is a reason for learning foreign languages like German. Nowadays, students prefer to
learn foreign languages as an add-on for their career.
The languages like German & French are trending more than anything else.
This article will show you some of the easy ways and tools that you can use, and you will be able
to achieve your goal without much of a struggle.
Step by Step on Learning German by yourself:


This is the crucial stage for it as it is the basic key to studying any language. You need to understand how every letter is written in German and how every letter is pronounced. You will find that some letters are written and pronounced differently in German compared to your native language, English for example.
This will be of great help in the spelling and pronunciation of words.


After studying and understanding the alphabet, it’s recommended you to start with the easy and commonly used words first like, greetings and etiquette. If you start with the big and complex words, you will end up having a hard time learning German.
You don’t want that right?
Right, the main idea is to learn German and have fun while doing it.


The next step after learning how to write and pronounce the “fun words”, it’s time to gear up to
learning the fundamental words of forming a sentence in German. These include nouns, verbs
and adjectives.
The key here is to learn how to write the words and pronounce them only. Construction of
sentences comes in the next stage after mastering the nouns, verbs and adjectives.


You first need to understand the format the sentences in German take. Study the rules and then start constructing simple sentences first.
After you are comfortable and can construct simple sentences without grammatical errors, you
can proceed to construct complex sentences and so on.


This will be a great impact on your German learning. Having friends who speak fluently in German will be a motivation for you to do the same for you will strive to be fluent as they are. You can create a rule where you start talking or hanging out, you will only be speaking in German. This will boost your confidence in speaking in German even if your German language is broken.
If you don’t have any friends who speak fluent German and you are wondering how you would acquire them, here is an easy way to do so.
Thanks to technology, the internet was born and socializing has never been so easy. Devices like smartphones and computers are easily available almost to the whole world at an affordable price too.
Since all smartphones have internet installed in them, you can be able to get an application like Facebook and Twitter. These applications can help you in socializing with people from the whole world. How cool is that? You don’t have to go to Germany in order to have a friend from there for the power is in your hand or pocket.
Through these social media applications, you can join communities that speak in German, introduce yourself and let them know your German is not fluent and you would like them to help you perfect in it.
In such communities or groups, you’ll find that you are not alone for there are other people who are in your position and as a result, you will have fun socializing and learning more about German together.


This is an easy task to do if you just look in the right place, your hobbies. Do you love watching movies? Start watching movies that speak in German, listening songs in German and also if you love reading novels, start reading novels in German.
You won’t only have fun doing this, but you will have more exposure to the German language and with time you will be in the same position as a German native speaker especially if you read novels or books in German.
If you might be wondering how to get movies, novels or songs in German, make the Internet you closest friend for you will have all of these by a click. 
Here is the basic tool that will be in handy in learning German by yourself, your smartphone. With this phone, you’re able to download applications that can help you to know a certain pronunciation of a German word; you can also download a German dictionary, German movies and songs.
Do you believe that the power is in your hand or pocket?


Author Bio:
David Taylor is a passionate blogger who loves to write an article related to
Education, Technology, and Parenting. He has contributed many high-quality articles to different
websites. He loves to read the novel in his free time.


And that’s it for today. Let me know in the comments how you liked it and if you got inspiration from it.
Have a great day, and bis morgen.

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