Advent Calendar 24 – “The best present”

Written By: Emanuel Updated: February 22, 2020

The best present

Hi ihr lieben,

a bit late today, but welcome to the final day of our epic German is Easy Advent Calendar 2018. And behind this door is….


Yup. AoinD called it two weeks ago. I have nothing to say. But before you go like “Uhhh, Emanuel is getting lazy and complacent” …
It only looks like nothing on first sight. In reality, it is the most valuable present…


Instead of spending time here because you feel like you GOTTA study and you’d be missing out, you can just take those 10 minutes all for yourself and do whatever you want with it. Spend it with your family. Tidy up the flat. Finish Christmas shopping. Or get all Christmas grumpy :). Whatever you want to use it for… the 10 minutes are yours.

Seriously… thanks everyone for joining, reading and commenting and taking part in this years calendar :). It’s always really fun because I feel like I actually get to interact with… I mean, more than usual.
I hope you enjoyed it and learned a few things along the way.
Ich wünsche euch allen schöne Feiertage, oder, wenn ihr nicht feiert, dann schöne normale Tage.
Have a great week and bis bald.


Oh, if you haven’t had enough calendar yet, you can check out the random /b/ -archive of the site… there, you’ll find the calendars of the last years and some more random stuff you probably didn’t know about :)

Oh… and for those of you who want to become a beta tester for my app… I can’t take all of you in because there were too many. I’ll randomly pick like 25 or so in the coming days.


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