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Written By: Emanuel Updated: September 2, 2021

Hello everyone,

it’s September, start of a new school year for many, and it’s the perfect time for a new episode of the epic series ANF – A New Feature™©®.
We actually had quite a few this year already, with dark mode, the new website layout, the option to slow down examples, my growing dictionary, the voice recorder and the speech recognition AI.
But the feature I have now might be the most useful of them all.
Why? Well, my articles are usually a bit longer and there’s a lot of information in there. And it’s almost impossible to remember everything in one go.
So it would be really great to note down some key points that you can come back to later to review them.
Well… that’s exactly what you can do now, because from now on, you can

take your own notes

Yes, you read that right :)!

For each article, you can now open a note window and take your own notes, while you read.
These notes are saved in your profile then, and when you come back to check on the topic again, they’re there for you to review.
Isn’t that awesome?!
You also have the standard formatting options, so you can make them look really nice and pretty if you want to. And you can also print them out directly from the note window AND you can download them as  doc-file, if you want to have them as a backup on your computer.
Pretty cool, right?

So… how do it work?

to open (and close) the note window, just click the note button.
Here’s how it looks on desktop:


And here is how it looks on mobile:



The symbol might look different on your device, but that’s the location.
When you click the button, the window will open and it looks like this:



And you can move this window around on your screen and change it’s size also. So depending on your screen you might be able to just have it open right next to the article at all time.
On mobile, it looks a little different and but the elements are the same.
I have set the note to auto-save mode, so every minute or so, it auto-saves itself and you don’t run the risk of losing everything if you close the browser.
Just closing the note window does NOT delete the note, though… no worries.

I’ll also set up an archive where you can see all your notes pretty soon, and I’ll probably add that to your profile, and maybe also to my new fancy homepage. How do you like that by the way?
have you seen that there’s a button that’ll give you a random article? Someone requested that a while ago.
I actually have some plans for the homepage, as well, and I want to add a real Word of the Day from my dictionary there, too.
Lots notes did work fine when I tested it, so there shouldn’t be too many bugs.

Now, there’s one more important thing I need to mention :

! Notes only works for members !

If you don’t have a membership or you’re not logged it, you will NOT see the notes button and you can not access your notes. (They’re still there, though, even after your membership expires, so don’t worry about losing them.)
So… if you’re not a member yet and you really like this feature, it’s time to sign up :).
And now is an especially good time, because I will actually raise prices a little quite soon. I don’t know when yet, it’s going to be a couple of weeks at least, and I’ll also give you a special discount for long term readers, but yeah – prices will go up a bit.
But there’s more cool features to come, as well, particularly for the dictionary (opposites, usefulness-score) so the site will get even more useful.
So, if you want to become a member, you can find out all about that here:

Become a member

And that’s it for today :).
Let me know what you think of the new feature in the comments and of course let me know any bugs that you might see. I think it should work for the vast majority of you, and it shouldn’t be as big a problem as the audio AI. That was a lot more complicated.
Anyway, let me know all your thoughts and feedback in the comments, and have fun taking notes, and I’ll see you next time :)

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