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German Word Order – Explained

german-word-order-explanatiHello everyone, and welcome.
It’s been kind of a tradition here to kick off the new year with a deep look at German sentence structure.
And I have a hunch that the topic that’ll perfectly match this year is…

Word order in German

Because it is a freaking mess!!
I am looking at you, 2020! Don’t pretend like you’re normal.
But amid all this chaos we can also find and discover new things. About life, ourselves, the world. And in case of word order about German.
Because if you think of German as a “rule”-language you’ll be VERY surprised at what’s going on under the surface.
So here’s what we’ll do. First we’ll take a look at the commonly known rules for word order and we’ll explain why they suck…what their shortcomings are. Then, we’ll have a look at what German word order is really about and then, we’ll finally zero in on one core idea. An idea that explains… everything. (word dramatized, may not actually mean everything, no refunds)
So are you ready to dive in and find out? Great.