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drängeln, dringend, aufdringlich – The Family of “der Drang”


Hello everyone,

and welcome to our German Word of the Day, this time with a look at the meaning of

der Drang


And we won’t only look at Drang of course but also at other cool words like dringend or drängeln.
Okay, drängeln isn’t that cool actually. But sometimes you have to do it. Like… when you have to get out of a packed train. Or when the article you’re reading to learn German randomly starts talking about a horse that just stands on a meadow. And it describes how the horse just stands there. And then it eats a bit of grass. And takes a few steps. And then stands there. And you’re like:
“Emanuel, can we get started already?!”
That’s drängeln :).
So let’s jump right in.