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Past Tense with “sein” – Speaking Practice

Hello everyone,

and welcome to back to a new episode of SWEET – that’s short for Speaking with Emanuel’s Epic Training.
For those of you who are new here… in spring I partnered up with EF languages and I can now use their speech grading AI and integrate it into exercises here on my site.
So now, instead of multiple choice or filling in a gap, you actually get to SAY a phrase or a sentence, in a safe space at your own speed and you don’t just practice the theory but also… well… practice.
And I think, that’s really really important and beneficial, especially for beginners for many aspects of grammar.

One of these grammar topics is the past tense and that’s what we’ll practice today.
Or specifically, we’ll do a set for

The Past Tense for Verbs with “sein”

We already did one session about this, where we focused on verbs that go with haben (find it here).
And yes, we’ll also do one where you have to pick haben or sein yourself and possibly some other formats, too.
But yeah, today we’ll focus on the most common verbs that go with sein.
So if you’re ready and your jaw is loose then let’s jump right in.