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German Prepositions Explained – “zu” – Part Two

Hello everyone,

and welcome to the second part of our look at one of the most important words ever:


Last time, we first talked about zu as a preposition. We found that it carries the idea of toward-ness and we learned the main groups of “destinations” zu works for: persons, occasions and activities.
So whenever you want to express that something is directed toward something that fits within these groups… zu is most likely the right choice.
Then, we turned toward about zu- as a verb prefix and even though it is bent and twisted, the core idea of toward-ness was still very clear.
“Uhm … Emanuel, actually it wasn’t really all that cl…”
IT WAS STILL CLEAR! #endofdebate
“Okay, okay… chill, bro.”
Then, we talked about how zu can also mean closed and how that’s actually very… ahem… close to the idea of toward and last but not least we learned that German spelling reform sucks and that Takumi’s final form is Swole-Takumi. But we never got to see his full power because of connection issues.
Oh and then there was like an endless list of zu-words at the end :).
If you want to check it out, you can find it here:

German Prepositions Explained – “zu” – Part One

Otherwise, let’s jump right into part two – with a look at those fixed preposition verb combinations like warten auf or wundern über…