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Using “aufhören” – a practical guide

In this episode:

Learn and practice all important phrasings and structures with "aufhören" (present, past, questions, ...) - by actually speaking :).

Hello everyone,

and welcome :).morge
First things first… you probably have noticed that the cartoon is exceptionally beautiful this time.
Well, that’s because it was done by an actual artist, instead of me.
Some of you might already know her. Her name is Helen, and in her freetime, she draws really lovely cartoons about German words and her learning journey overall. You can find her on Instagram here:

Helen-Handshoes – Comics about German

And the best thing is… we’re making a book together. About German prefix verbs. Everyone’s favorite topic.

We’re still working on the layout, but we’re about 70% done and we’ve actually set up a little info page about it.
So if you’re interested in prefix verbs, check it out :)

Our Upcoming Book (info page and newsletter)

But now let’s jump into today’s episode and this will be a new episode in our practical guide series for German verbs.
In this series, we take one important German verb and go over the most important phrasings and structures together.
So you will get a feeling for how to use the verb in practice, and ALSO, you’ll repeat various aspects of the core German grammar.
And the best thing is, we’re not just doing this in theory but in actual factual practice.
Because you will have to speak!
Yes, it’s speech AI time again.

The verb we’ll go over today is



and as usual we’ll practice all the basics that you need to have to communicate in German:

  • present tense (and future)
  • past tense
  • questions and
  • modal verbs

Those are kind of the basics, but each verb has different “needs”, so each verb gives us the opportunity to see a special bit of German grammar in practice.
And for aufhören, we’ll get special focus on:

  • prefix verbs
  • nounified verbs
  • zu-constructions and
  • imperative

And we’ll also get some insights into the placement of nicht and German word order.
Sounds like a lot but don’t worry… it’s not as much as it sounds, and it’s pretty intuitive.
So are you ready to jump in?
Then let’s freaking gooooooooooooooooo……