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Review of the Day – “Trill”

Hello everyone,

first, sorry for taking so long with the article this week. I had a bad sinusitis and I couldn’t focus on anything for a few days.
Second, today I’m actually really really EXCITED because I get to tell you about a new language learning app.
Now, there are like millions of language learning apps and tools out there and most of them are kind of boring. Like… sometimes when I can’t sleep, I go to Google Play store and look at language learning apps.

“… new, fun way of learning German…”
“… learn German in an efficient, fun way… “
“… latest language learning research combined with lots of fun…”
“… we’ve developed the SRS-method.. .”

Usually, when I read “SRS, spaced repetition system”, I am gone.
So a few weeks ago when I got an email if I want to c
heck out this new app, I was thinking like “Sure, let me get my pillow.” But then, when I read what the app was, I got hyper uber mega excited. Like…. I think, I even felt an upward twitch at the corner of my mouth. And I’m a German, so that means something.
So I’m really excited to tell you about it and hear your thoughts. Ladies and gents, get ready for a glimpse at the future of language learning…