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Swearing in German – Day 19

In this episode:

The German word for "to swear" is "fluchen". But to swear has a really odd double meaning and "fluchen" only covers one of them.


fluchen, der Fluch, verfluchen,...

Yourdailyf-ingerman Assvent Cucklander

“I swear, honey!”


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The meaning of “kacken”

In this episode:

A deep anal-ysis at the German word "kacken" and how to harness the full colloquial potential of it and its brothers. With audio examples and visuals.


kacken, die Kacke, verkacken, ankacken, abkacken,...

— Warning: this post is full of sh***it —

kacken-kack-meaningHello everyone

and welcome to our German Word of the Day. The word we’ll look at today is an absolute must. A must do for every single human being; even sexy Hollywood actresses like  Kim Jong-Un…. I mean AND Kim Jong-Un.
And if you want to learn the language that people really speak, it’s a must have for you, too.
Because for today’s word, there’s a shitload of colloquial uses. Hey and speaking of shitload, that describes quite well what was I saw in the bowl after my morning number two today… here, let me show you …
I took a picture …

Come on, admit it.
A part of you wants to click it. You want to know whether I really did it. Well, there’s only one way to find out. Make sure, no one at work sees your screen though….
Anyway, today we’ll have a look at an integral piece of colloquial spoken German. Ladies and gents, get ready for a look at the meaning and use of