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Let’s Review – Seedlang

Hello everyone,

and welcome to a new episode of ER.
On the previous episode, famous playboy and ER surgeon Dr. Emanuel (played by Robert Pattinson) was faced with a tough decision: get the equipment he needs for the brain surgery or finally stand up to his third ex-wife. Today, the conclusion.
Yeah… some people are going to be really confused now. Especially Jeremy, who’s now asking himself:
“What is this? This is not what I asked for.”
But I’m kidding of course. This ER series is not the famous Emergency Room from two decades ago (feel old yet?).
It is the series

Emanuel Recommends

Which is basically Review of the Day, just with a new name.
In this series, I recommend to you an app or website or book that I think is not only helpful (because all tools have their place), but actually really special in the German language learning space.
And today, I want to take a good look at:


Those of you who have been following me for a while might be like “Wait, you already talked about Seedlang.”
Which is true. I reviewed it a few years ago.
But the app has grown a LOT since then and there are also lots of new people here who maybe haven’t heard about Seedlang before.
And most importantly, the very founder and developer of the app, Jeremy, took some time so I could grill him over some questions and concerns I have about Seedlang.
I mean… just because it’s the best app on the market in my opinion doesn’t mean that it’s without room for improvement :).
So are you ready to jump in?
Then let’s go… oh, and yes… you can win something, so you better read with focus so you don’t miss it ;).