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Word of the Day – “der Schritt”

In this episode:

A fun look at the meaning of "der Schritt" - the German word for "step" - and a few of its useful relatives.


der Schritt, der Fortschritt, schrittweise, der Rückschritt, schreiten, einschreiten, überschreiten, die Ausschreitung,...

Hello everyone,

and welcome back to Summer, Sun, Vocab Fun, which is a lot like the usual articles, but more chill and less quiz ;). And this time, with a look at the meaning of

der Schritt

A great word to practice the German “r” because without it, Schritt literally sounds like shit.
Which would be the PERFERT moment to insert a little segment about how to actually pronounce that.
Oh well.
I guess some other time.
Seriously though… I actually started writing it, but then I felt it was too long. Or maybe not too long, because this is a short one overall, but the article got “weird proportions”, if that makes sense. Like… there was no flow.
And so I decided to cut it.
Not to worry, though, I’ll probably make it into an article on its own.
But today, we’ll completely focus on collecting some sweet, sweet vocabulary around Schritt…