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Questions in German – Part 2

Hello everyone,

and welcome to another part of the German is Easy Learn German online course – the course that uses the top notch technology the year 2020 has to offer…
I mean… video is cool, too. But reading… man… it sucks at first, but once you’re used to it, it’s awesome.

Anyway, today, we’ll do the second part of

“How to ask Questions in German”.

Last time, after a quick general overview over the topic, we focused on the questions that have a question word.
So questions like:

  • Who am I?
  • Why are we?
  • What is reality?
  • When does the milk expire?

If you have doubts about those, then check out part 1 here.
Today, we’ll talk about the questions that DON’T have a question word – the so called yes or no-questions:

  • Is there such thing as reality?
  • Is there a reason for our being here?
  • Can reality be defined by an individual?
  • Does milk expire?

Those are equally important if you want to have a conversation and building them is actually ridiculously simple. Unless your native language is English… then, it is kind of like throwing a ball with the left hand :).
And besides learning how to build them, we’ll also look at some common useful patterns and to top it off, we’ll talk about an incredibly common way of answering to these questions it’s super easy and it’ll make you sound super native and it’s nothing you’ll find in any of those fancy video courses and textbooks.
So… let’s dive right in, shall we?

Questions in German – Part 1

german-question-wordsHello everyone,

and welcome to our German is Easy Learn German Online Course.
And today we’ll learn how to ask questions in German.
Now, you’re like:
“Uhm, no way man. I’m not gonna ask Germans anything in the foreseeable future. I got my phone right here and I can just google everything I need to know. Could we please learn how to speak fluently, instead?”
That is certainly and totally true and a good argument against learning questions in German but your theory has one big flaw. Aliens.
Conspiracy theories say that the new 5G causes Corona. But they got it all wrong. The new 5G is actually gonna alert the aliens that we exist, because their ships’ telecommunication is backward compatible to 5G. And then they’ll come and invade, for that’s what aliens do.
And they’ll disrupt telecommunication with their Long-Range-Shut-down-5G-Phones-Ray right when they enter our solar system.
And then what? How are you gonna find out where the next Starbucks is then? You will have to face the invaders WITHOUT one of Starbucks’ amazing and refreshing Iced Chocolate Mocha in your system and that will be much much harder…. and then you find yourself spending the rest of your lamenting why you didn’t learn to ask questions in German when you had the chance to while you’re massaging hairy alien feet… hairy and STINKY alien feet.

So… are you ready to learn how to ask questions? Perfect :)