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Word of the Day – “gegen”

Hello everyone,

and welcome to our German Word of the Day. And today, we’ll take a look at the meaning of



Which is short for generation G.
Which is short for generation Genitals, the generation that has genitals.
Or it’s short for generation Gesus, the generation that has Gesus in their heart.
Or it’s short for generation Generation, the generation that has Generations.
Or it’s short for generation Get-on-with-the-article. Which is the generation I am from.
I will get on with the article swiftly. On the double quick. Just had to clear my system.
Gee, this intro is a disaster.
Anyway, let’s jump right in…

Word of the Day – “schenken”

schenkenHello everyone,

and welcome to our Word of the Day. This time we will look at the meaning of:



Schenken is just great. It is nice and rewarding to be the one doing it… okay, maybe not all the time… like… when it’s like the 23rd and you are running around in the cold carrying bags filled with uninspired stuff you got from the 50% off pile… like, say, a Celine Dion Live DVD … anyways, generally it is a joy to schenken.
But what’s even better is to be the one who schenken is done to… well, okay… maybe not ALL the time… like … you unpack it and it is like this Celine Dion Live DVD and you’re like “Oh… uh… oh.. 3 hours… thanks, I guess.”… but for the most part, it is fun.
And because schenken is such a nice experience for everyone involved we all do it every once in a while and people have done it for centuries… it is a quite human thing to do, after all.
So, one would think that there is a really old verb for this in every language. But… there isn’t.