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Practice Past Tense By Speaking – Spoken Past 1

What’s up everyone,

how are you all doing? Are you feeling fit and awake?
Kinda sorta?
Well, that’ll have today, because today it’s time for a nice proper exercise about

German Past Tense

There are a few exercises about this on the site already, but this one is next level, because this one involves … speaking.
By YOU :).
Those of you who were following me through the summer might remember that the company EF -Languages offered me to use their AI speech recognition system and I actually put my hacker-hat on and integrated it into my site and the quiz system I’m using.
We already did a test of that in summer, and I’ve worked out a few kinks since then. I’m still working on it and adding features but I think it’s definitely ready for use.

So… in today’s exercise we’ll practice the German spoken past tense and you will HAVE to actually say the answer to pass.