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Listen to German – Horoscopes

Hi everyone,

and welcome to 2017.  So I actually wanted to kick off the year with a review of an online language school and a BIIIIG giveaway. But the people from the school have been MIA until now. They’re based in Berlin, so they’re probably still on vacation. Berliners are lazy like that – incredible.
I hope, I hear from them this week, but I definitely wanted to give you something to do

some listening comprehension
But not some random text.
I put together a team of experts to look into the stars for you. Get ready for

Your learner’s horoscope for 2017.
(100% accurate, certified by TÜV)

And if you don’t believe in horoscopes, at least you can learn the Sternzeichen (zodiac signs) and some common phrasings. Oh and a guest voice :)
Viel Spaß….