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Advend Calendar 23 – “Raven’s End”

Raven’s End

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Listening Comprehension – Bulgaria

Hello everyone,

and welcome. I know it’s hot…. well.. at least in Berlin it is. But you are ready for an epidose of

Listening Comprehension

And yes… epidose is a word now. It’s a mix of epic and dose :).
This time, I’ll tell you a bit about my stay in Bulgaria. I was there a few weeks ago because … but hey, just hear for yourself ;)

Listen to German 4 – “Gehört ist nicht gesehen”

Hello everyone,

and welcome to another round of

Listening Comprehension

Today’s story is again one of those lovely little folk tales from East Frisia, an area at the coast of the North Sea.
This time it’s about a little town and their new Amtsrichter. And to find out what exactly that is we’ll do a quick peek into history :)